What do you get when you build an app with BuildaAnApp?

Apart from a set of tools that enables you to quickly and efficiently build your own app, the app itself comes loaded with functions and features that can make your app a fantastic user's experience. First and foremost you app needs to be engaging and proactive.




The Chat feature enables you to chat with other users of your app. You can set it up so either all users can chat with each other if a chat request is given, or user can only chat with the app owner.

You will get a push notification for both chat requests as well as new chat messages. You can send attachments with your chat which can include anything that your device can attach. It is of course best to make sure that the recipient can open the attachment before you send it. To establish a chat, first you must send a chat request to the person you wish to chat with. They should be listed in your contacts. If they are not listed, it means that they have chosen to keep their profile invisible to other app users and you will need to get the hidden chat user to send the chat request. Once a chat request has been received, the recipient must accept the chat request before either party can establish a chat. Once a chat has been sent, the remote user will be listed under "Chat" along with all correspondence.


Message Inbox

In addition to Chat the owner of the app can also send messages via the BuildAnApp website.

You can have multiple message inboxes to make it easier for you to categorise your messages and easier for users to locate the appropriate information. Messages are built via an HTML builder on the website and can include Comments and Attachments.

In addition to Chat the owner of the app can also send messages via the BuildAnApp website. You can have multiple message inboxes to make it easier for you to categorise your messages and easier for users to locate the appropriate information. Messages are built via an HTML builder on the website and can include Comments and Attachments.


Comments enables the recipient to comment on the message they have received. The app owner has the option to set comments on each message to either be shared with all other recipients of that message or just sent back to the website for viewing by the app owner. The app owner can also choose to only distribute comments that they have authorised.


You can attach any file that your device will allow. It is best however to only send attachments that the recipient can open.



Themes enables you to deliver different content in your app to different groups. For example; You have Gold, Silver and Bronze members. Each should only get offers and information relevant to their membership. You can create a different theme for each one. Each can have different image, content pages, menu options and more. The parts that will remain constant are;

  • The home page layout.
  • The app Icon
  • The loading screen
  • The introduction to the app screen
  • The registration page
  • The Thank you for registering page

Everything else you can tailor to each of the three membership types, effectively having 3 apps in one. Chats and messaging can also be restricted to only the user’s set theme. Themes can be set either by the user via the settings page, or if we have your database made available to us of who should be in which theme, we can control it from the back-end and hence make it seamless to the user.


Free Form Content Pages

We don't restrict you to set templates. You can start with a blank canvas and create your own designs. Simply drag and drop the section that you need from the build side of the screen to the preview side. Then go for it! Sections include;

  • Text
  • Image
  • Text and Image
  • WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)
  • Barcode
  • HTML Form
  • Banners
  • Line Separators


Content Page Templates

Content Page templates are good for making life easier for you if you have a design that you will use repeatedly. You can create your own templates, or you can use one of the many that we have created and make available to everyone.


Forms and Surveys

Using the HTML Form slide in section available when building a content page, you can create Forms and Surveys. You can create;

  • Text boxes
  • Text areas
  • Check boxes
  • Select drop downs
  • Radio buttons
  • Email Specific text boxes
  • Date Specific text boxes
  • Time specific text boxes
  • Number specific text boxes

When you add the Send/submit button (which you can customise) you will be prompted to complete some hidden fields that are;

  • SendForm - this is the name of the email HTML template used when emailing the results.
  • SendFormEmail - this is the email address to send the results to.
  • SendFrom - this is the name that the email will appear to come from.
  • SendFromEmail - this is the email address that the email will appear to come from.
  • SendReplyEmail - this is the email address that the recipient of the email can reply to.


Online Gallery

There are several Galleries of images available to you on the BuildAnApp website. You can upload your own images which will be available to you alone. You will also have buttons and icon galleries that are available to everyone. We will constantly be adding more galleries for you


Weather Display

Certain app templates will have a weather display that includes the users name as well as the date and location. For outdoor sports, or anything relate to leisure this feature is a nice add on.


Return DOC

The app is set to be an option if you want to share a File. So you could send a PDF that requires a signature. The recipient can sign it and send it back via the app. The PDF will then be returned to you via email.



With Banners you can add movement to your page as well as provide advertising for either other sections of your business, or for a third party.

Of course with third party advertising you can attract income from the use of your own mobile app.

With each image that rolls through the banner, you can add a link to take the user through to a web page, or another page in this app.


Website Reporting

As all information is stored in the BuildAnApp databases the website reporting is comprehensive and includes:

  • Users and their devices
  • App usage
  • Downloads
  • Chat messages
  • Inbox Messaging


Customised Email reporting

When you create forms and surveys as content pages, the results need to go somewhere. You can access them via the BuildAnApp website, but we can also email them as they come in. You may not want different forms and surveys to have the results to go to different emails as well as have different branding. You can create these different HTML templates via the website.


Add a date to a Calendar

When you send a message from the website you can add a tag to a date in the message that will allow the recipient to add the date to their device calendar just by clicking on it.


Coming Soon

Shopping cart

A comprehensive Shopping Cart feature. Available in all templates as a feature that you can include if required.

Group Calendar

Include a calendar that is kept up to date with all your bookings and allow app users to request a booking.